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J1 Round 2: J League Season 35


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 33: November 8

広末涼子 10-0 Imbaba Club

Gulzar Mannaa scored five goals.

He is already leading goal scorers.


MacabiBrazil 0-3 逗子Blues


Furansu jin U.D 0-2 Tanuki FC

Though Furansu jin U.D (2074948) won their J1 debut match in the last round, but they seem to be not ready to fight with top clubs.

Their shot was only one, and it was wide.

Tanuki FC (2032412) started with a consecutive victories.


Namba Osaka 7-0 Okayama

Namba Osaka (489911) beat Okayama (1776673).

Nobuyoshi Yamada, a Japan international, scored a hattrick.

Players of The Tigers have low routine, but their skill index and Recommendation are high.

They might cause a surprise by changing match engine of this season.


ashina 2-0 The Gunners


Tóquio A.C 2-2 Osaka Celtic

It was a good match except Togai Fujiwara‘s injury.

Both teams’ players have equal quality, a draw was a fair result.


王子 FC 2-0 fcizu


RedSun 5-0 Shakhtar Ichikikushikino


涼子の院 1-2 urawa reds




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - 2013 11 08 - Trophy Manager




広末涼子 (53346)’s Gulzar Mannaa who scored  a hattrick in the last round made five goals in this round.

But Guan DeLun who is a defensive midfielder was more impressive in the match.


Guan DeLun - Trophy Manager





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