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J1 Round 19: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 19: September 25

Imbaba Club 3-5 Tanuki FC

Tanuki FC (2032412) gained a lot lead in early stage, but Camels didn’t give up until the whistle signalled the end of the game.


RedSun 6-0 ReD FaLcOnS FC

Ryuzaburo Ueno scored four goals.

ReD FaLcOnS FC (1670654)’s center back Gennadiy Burlak was forced to cope with THE SUN’s two forwards alone.

ReD FaLcOnS placed both wing back and side back in their left side, but maybe one player would have been enough.


Namba Osaka 1-3 MacabiBrazil


涼子の院 2-6 広末涼子

A match between reserve and their top team.

Contrary to expectations, reserve led two goals, but 広末涼子 (53346) soon came back and scored six goals and the top team kept their winning streak.

In this match Charifi Saaliti got injured, he can’t play in important two games which are a league match against the second placed RedSun (418839) and a game with Indonesian champion Medan United (40316) in RoW League.


王子 FC 1-3 CasaleNinetySix

Spurchiacchi attacked from both sides successfully, and they won with a score of 1-3.


Osaka Celtic 1-4 ashina

Although one defender was sent off in the first half, there was no risk in the match for ashina (1489015).


F.C Sylphides 1-3 urawa reds


逗子Blues 0-0 Okayama

In spite of overwhelming possession, home 逗子Blues (296683) couldn’t score against this relegation candidate.

Only luck wouldn’t be the cause.

Their chances themselves weren’t many.

It could say that Okayama (1776673)’s defensive tactics was working well.

The Blues should have considered changing players or tactics to score.

they stepped backward from the fight for the second place and now focus on keeping the third position.






Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - Trophy Manager




Ryuzaburo Ueno of RedSun (418839) and Keitaro Kakuta of Tanuki FC (2032412) surely showed amazing play.

But league official rating seems to evaluate goals excessively.

Isn’t a keeper or a defender who contributed to a clean sheet against a winner favorite more valuable than a forward who scored against relegation candidate?

From this point of view, Okayama (1776673)’s goalkeeper Sorai Taku and center back Katsuhiko Toyama deserve to be evaluated than their rating.

Especially Toyama well marked 逗子Blues (296683)’s forward Dan Ława.


Katsuhiko Toyama - Trophy Manager





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