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J1 Round 18: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 18: September 22

Tanuki FC 0-1 RedSun

Home’s had a bit better possession, but TFC couldn’t make the most of advantages.

Both their shots and shots on target were half of THE SUN’s, then away team won the game.


MacabiBrazil 3-1 Imbaba Club


ReD FaLcOnS FC 3-2 涼子の院

ReD FaLcOnS defeated higher position team again.

But considering players level, the result wouldn’t surprise.

Players of 涼子の院 (764222) who are reserve of 広末涼子 (53346) are promising ones, but their routine is not high, thus there is no significant difference in both teams’ quality.

A half season passed, finally ReD FaLcOnS start showing their ability.


CasaleNinetySix 1-2 Namba Osaka


広末涼子 4-1 Osaka Celtic


urawa reds 6-0 王子 FC

Home easily won by six goals including Takiji Yamagishi‘s hattrick.

As for central attacking midfielder position, Charifi Saaliti of 広末涼子 (53346) has a long lead, but Yamagishi is one of the top players in this position together with ashina (1489015)’s Farid Fawwal.


ashina 3-4 逗子Blues

Home team ashina (1489015) had led 2-0, but Away team scored four goals in 7 minutes from 74 minutes.

Then fishers came back one goal soon, there were five goals for only 8 minutes.

It was an exciting game.


Tekkaman FC 3-0 F.C Sylphides



KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252) scored the opening goal.

Then in the second half, Okayama (1776673) caught up and B team got a lead twice.

Both teams had chance to win, but experienced SEA GANGS got a 2-3 victory.




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - 2013 09 22 - Trophy Manager




MVP is Kei Funakoshi of ReD FaLcOnS FC (1670654).

His performance of this season is not something that was praised, but this round he played the leading part in the match due to a hattrick.

urawa reds (184788)’s Takiji Yamagishi who played in attacking midfielder which is the same position as Funakoshi also scored a hattrick, but Funakoshi is more suitable for MVP because his opponent is in the better position in the league.


Kei Funakoshi - Trophy Manager

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