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J1 Round 15: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 15: September 15

CasaleNinetySix 1-3 涼子の院


MacabiBrazil 0-0 Osaka Celtic

Both teams have solid defense.

A scoreless draw is an expected result,  but it was a bit bored game.

To aim higher position, they would need to improve attacks either.


urawa reds 4-6 RedSun

What a game!

Total ten goals, and the three of them were scored after 90 minutes.

Though home team was taken a two goals lead twice, they caught up again by Takechi Nakamura‘s goal in added time, but THE SUN got two goals back without a moment’s delay and made a 4-6 win.


Tanuki FC 2-1 逗子Blues

The Blues who lacked Ichisake Naito due to his injury played Shinpei Okudera at central midfielder instead of him.

But against TFC who put pressure on the center, he couldn’t prove his quality as an enough replacement of Naito.


Tekkaman FC 4-0 Imbaba Club


ReD FaLcOnS FC 0-1 Okayama

After the sending off of Okayama (1776673)’s right wing back Masahiro Hi on 11 minutes, they were attacked one-sidedly for 80 minutes.

The possession was just 30%, and shots on target were only two.

But the one of them, a free kick from Jukka Takamäki found the net and visitors got three points that are important to save the team from the relegation.

Away goalkeeper Sorai Taku‘s role was significantly in the match, it might be unlucky for ReD FaLcOnS FC (1670654).

Nevertheless, it can’t be said that there are no problems for home, If Yosuke Tsutaya could had have used free space that had been generated by his front player Hi‘s out, his performance would have been better.


F.C Sylphides 0-6 Namba Osaka


広末涼子 4-0 ashina






Team of the Round

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This round,  RedSun (418839)’s Ryuzaburo Ueno who scored five goals in the last round scored a hattrick.

His one goal and one assist brought three points to his team from the match which seemed a draw due to an opponent’s goal in the closing time.

In this season, he recorded 20 goals and  he is the top scorer.


Ryuzaburo Ueno - Trophy Manager





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