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J1 Round 14: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 14: September 13

Osaka Celtic 2-0 CasaleNinetySix


涼子の院 4-1 urawa reds

red diamonds who focused on sides played with only one center back, therefore their defensive midfielder Takiji Honda was forced to excessive work.

Away keeper Shoji Tomita is a good player for his age, but he couldn’t stop two young Japan international forwards without support of well organize defense.


逗子Blues 3-1 MacabiBrazil

逗子Blues (296683)’s Polish forward Dan Ława scored twice.

14 goals in 13 games, the scoring pace has never seen in his career.

MacabiBrazil (26800) were not so bad at sides, but central players’ performance showed lackluster performance.

In this match, Macabi used Takahashi Sogahata whose favorite position is attacking midfielder as a center back.


RedSun 9-1 Tekkaman FC

Ryuzaburo Ueno made the big impact by his four goals.

He had played for national team in friendly matches, but has not played in official games.

He did appeal to play in the coming World Cup.


Okayama 0-9 Tanuki FC

Away team’s victory is not a surprise, but the score is unexpected.

Tanuki FC (2032412) have earned 18 points (6W1L) at their stadium, on the other hand they have gotten only 7 points (2W1D3L).

It was caused by lack of goals, they scored 6 goals in 6 games and conceded 9 goals, the results were not worth to their ranking, but after this game their results are 3W1D3L and the goal difference became plus.


Imbaba Club 4-1 F.C Sylphides

During the first half, three players on both sides left the pitch due to injuries.

Camels’ both two injured players were defenders, but F.C Sylphides (2429931) couldn’t score more than one goal yet.

7 goals in 14 games, 0.5 goals per match is the worst in the league.


ashina 4-0 ReD FaLcOnS FC


Namba Osaka 2-1 王子 FC






Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - Trophy Manager




Like the previous round, four players were rated as 10.0.

Two forwards of Tanuki FC (2032412)João Rodrigues and Keitaro KakutaCharifi Saaliti of 広末涼子 (53346), then RedSun (418839)’s Ryuzaburo Ueno who wasn’t selected for Team of the Round.

Three of them, RodriguesSaaliti scored a four goals, and Ueno scored five goals.

Rodrigues made a big impact by not only goals but also making chanches, therefore he is the MVP.


Joao Rodrigues - Trophy Manager





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