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J1 Round 13: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 13: September 11

urawa reds 2-3 Osaka Celtic

On 5 minutes Togai Fujiwara and on 8 minutes Akira Tanoue scored, then visitors lead 2 goals.

But on 32 and 33 minutes Takiji Yamagishi and Takechi Nakamura assisted each other’s goal and home restored parity.

The decider was Tamasine Mitsukuri‘s goal at the beginning of the second half, it was from pass of Koya Hiroyuki who dodged Branko Topalović.


CasaleNinetySix 0-4 逗子Blues


Tekkaman FC 0-1 涼子の院


MacabiBrazil 4-2 Okayama


F.C Sylphides 1-9 RedSun

The difference of the strength of both teams was obvious.

Selam Vladačić and Nissho Okayama scored a hattrick.


Tanuki FC 0-1 ashina

Away ashina (1489015) won a 0-1 victory in the match between top clubs.

It was an unlucky game for home team Tanuki FC (2032412).

After the kick off, soon they had to substitute Kenta Narahashi for DMR Yoshisada Hanyu due to injury, also one more player got injured on 25 minutes.

Only scorer in this match was left winger Claudio Pisanu.

The goal was not wholly Narahashi‘s fault, but home supporters might think if Hanyu had played it could have been stopped.


王子 FC 2-3 Imbaba Club


ReD FaLcOnS FC 0-9 広末涼子


KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS 0-2 Namba Osaka

Visitors who two players got injured were under pressure, but Ryoichi Miura saved the team and The Tigers won a 0-2 victory.




Team of the Round

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This round, four were rated as 10.0.;  Selam Vladačić and Nissho Okayama of RedSun (418839) and Charifi Saaliti and Ashihei Nishijima of 広末涼子 (53346).

Among them, Selam Vladačić contributed five goals by a hattrick and two assists.


Selam Vlada-i- - Trophy Manager





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