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J1 Round 12: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 12: September 8

逗子Blues 2-3 urawa reds

urawa reds (184788) won 2-3, in spite of only 35% possession.

They received a red card and played with only ten players, but managed to hold on against home team’s last‐minute struggle to overtake them.

In this match, 逗子Blues (296683)’s Tatsuro Matsumoto who had made top team debut in this season sometimes made a mistakes.

He have played 4 games, and the average rating is 3.9.

He should get more experience to play as a regular.

The Blue fell into third place from second.


Osaka Celtic 2-0 Tekkaman FC

It could be said that Osaka Celtic (598351)’s 2-0 victory was fair result.

The Hoops have good defense as well as higher teams have, but their offense is a bit inferior.

But it was enough to defeat Tekkaman FC (2103693) who have problems in their defense.


Okayama 3-2 CasaleNinetySix

It was a J1 debut match for CasaleNinetySix (2550653)’s new face Yusuke Bando.

But he became one of the players who were responsible for the defeat.


涼子の院 3-0 F.C Sylphides


ashina 0-0 MacabiBrazil

MacabiBrazil (26800) have solid defense, on the other hand they are lacking of goals.

Home team ashina (1489015) could have had options playing more offensively.

Japan international Sanraku Minami who joined fishers showed decent play as a left back.


RedSun 4-0 王子 FC


広末涼子 3-0 Tanuki FC

Away had chances, but the last season champion keep their winning streak.

Charifi Saaliti was key player for the offense, and Kazuo Maki was important for defense.

This is still 12 round, but Kitazawa already received second red card in this season.


Imbaba Club 1-4 Namba Osaka

An attacking midfielder  Jun Nishikawa scored two goals, and away won.

It’s not clear why Hidetora Narahashi didn’t play.



Home came from two goals behind for victory




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - Trophy Manager




Namba Osaka (489911)’s Jun Nishikawa who finally reached to Rec 5* had scored only one goal so far, but this round he found the net twice.


Jun Nishikawa - Trophy Manager





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