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J1 Round 10: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 10: September 4

Okayama 0-1 Tekkaman FC

Most of home team’s shots were off the target, also their shots on target were saved by away team keeper Rui Morais.

On the other hand, shots of Blue Earth were more accurate and one of those became the winning goal.


逗子Blues 4-0 F.C Sylphides


ashina 3-1 urawa reds

A match between teams to aim to take take part in the RoW competitions of the next season.

ashina (1489015) scored three goals and came back in the last 10 minutes.

urawa reds (184788) suffered consecutive two defeats and they played five games without winning.


Osaka Celtic 2-1 王子 FC


広末涼子 10-0 CasaleNinetySix

広末涼子 (53346) have won 10 games in a row from the opening of the season.

If they keep this pace, they might update their some records like most points, fewest goals against and goal differences, etc.

Only goal pace doesn’t reach to 5.88 goals per game which was recorded in season 28 that they scored 200 goals in the league.


涼子の院 3-2 Namba Osaka


ReD FaLcOnS FC 1-1 MacabiBrazil

The draw was lucky for Macabi who lost a player by red card.

An unfair result for home team.

Although they controlled the game most of the time, they found the net only once.


RedSun 4-0 Imbaba Club

Home team THE SUN won by Selam Vladačić‘s four goals.






Team of the Round

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RedSun (418839)’s Selam Vladačić scored four goals and led his team to the victory.

The first goal was scored from over head, the next one was from a nice step over and a curve shot、one was by long shot and the last one was heading.


Selam Vlada-i- - Trophy Manager





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