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J League is getting more and more tough


Osaka Celtic

Osaka Celtic declare difficulty in surviving in the top division


Good start to 13th season in a row in the J League 1 for Osaka Celtic (598351).

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Last year I narrowly avoided the playoff section in J league 1 and saw a giant of the game RedSun (418839) being relegated.

This shows the frailty of the established clubs in the top division.
I, for one, would be interested to hear the reason of the downfall of a club that was once a real challenger to the league and cup.

Perhaps the spread of popularity of the game and the leagues being open to other nations and multiple teams to join in has caused this to happen; Japan being a chosen destination for some due to the smaller number of teams.

For this reason, I feel that my time in J-league division 1 will soon come to an end.
I love the game and sign in religiously to play but I don’t have the time to wheel and deal on the transfer market and I can’t really afford to buy in the end of season international rescue sales.
I don’t buy pro, although the competitive edge of it is marginal save for the switching of position option.

Looking at my wage bill today, I have to admit defeat in my dreams of making a decent B team and will have to sell any players that don’t have a realistic opportunity of being used in my main squad.
The B team will be used for routine only.

My academy has produced some quality players over the years and kept me in Division 1 but my biggest disappointment is having never produced a national team player, although I feel that the wage demands would mean I would have to sell anyway.
I am expanding my stadium each year and I hope the crowds will come but this could be hard if I fail to challenge in the top league.

Part of me wouldn’t mind being demoted, where I challenge for silverware again and I often think about dropping my standards and saving enough money to really challenge.

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As it is I’ll continue in my dream of winning the cup or at least getting to the final against 広末涼子 (53346) and qualifying for the international cups.

Love TM and Forza the Celts! Hail Hail!

For it’s a grand old team to play for.

Anthony Foy, the manager of Osaka Celtic (598351)


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This article was written by the manager of Osaka Celtic (598351), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

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