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J league champion looks back on the Season 39



Season 39 for RHF


Highlights of Season 39

広末涼子 (53346) close off the Season 39 by retaining the double league and cup title.
And achieving all the targets sets for the season.

広末涼子 won the league title with a 95 points, and 21 points lead over the second place club, VF Tomato (2925434)

As compared with Season 38, of total of 96 points and 12 points lead over the second place club.

It only showed one thing, the competition for the second place place is getting tougher, and the clubs in the league is getting more stronger, and it does put a lot of pressure for 広末涼子.

The goals scored seems to be lesser too, which start to worry the fans, and as fans love to see more goals scored against the opponent.

Season 39

1広末涼子 (53346)343121134-1895
2VF Tomato (2925434)34242879-3574
3ashina (1489015)34218583-2671

Season 38

1広末涼子 (53346)343130150-1796
2urawa reds (184788)342734105-3584
3FC Sagami (2260539)34238398-4272

Major Signings

The Polish GK that has been largely publicised by the press earlier on.
Whom will become 広末涼子’s no. 1 GK for the next 2-3 seasons, taking over the former Belgium Great, Brecht De Brul whom had retired.

Emanuel Kanabrodzki

Emanuel Kanabrodzki   Trophy Manager

Two youths domestic talents from the NT rescue sale, which seem to be a gamble as the transfer fee of getting them are quite high.

広末涼子 mentioned that this gamble even though is risky, but still need to give a try, as domestic talents are more and more harder to find, even found, its very hard and way more expensive to poach them from their original club.

Chikao Iida

Transfer sum: 256.3M

5 REC/POT 19

Start Bloom

Chikao Iida   Trophy Manager

Hiroki Makiguchi

Transfer sum: 399.7M

5 REC/POT 20

Mid Bloom

Hiroki Makiguchi   Trophy Manager

Total three signings cost the club an astounding fee of around 1.3 Billion TM dollars.

Local talent pulls

Kunitaro Nishino

Normal Bloomer

Kunitaro Nishino   Trophy Manager

Sumiteru Tokunaga

Starting to bloom

Sumiteru Tokunaga   Trophy Manager


広末涼子 had also increased the stadium size up to 111,110 seats, as they predict the there will be more and more fans coming for the home game, thus generating more revenue for the club.
It also trying to be the largest Stadium in Japan.


International Cup

Been kicked out of the RoW league and Cup in the early stage, thus losing quite an amount of international income which affecting the club financial status reasonably.

Dream Perfect Score

Unable to achieve the full perfect points for the league, as RHF suffered 1 loss and 2 draws out of 34 matches.

Loss of significant players

Top Belgium GK, Brecht De Brul and top Albania FC, Illirian Libohova both retiring at end of the season.
Libohova is the J-league Top scorer in the Season 38, and is the Top scorer and Player of the Year for the season 39.


この記事は 広末涼子 (53346) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。
This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

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