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Is the next Japan National Coach VF Tomato or ECA United?



The election for the Season 41-42 National Coach, Voting started

In TM, elections for next national coaches are in progress.

This time, FC Sagami (2260539) who won past elections three times and has served as Japan National Coach for 6 seasons did not candidacy, we will see a single combat between VF Tomato (2925434) and ECA United (98330).

Japan   Trophy Manager

Elections for the Season 41-42 National Coach

Nc Elections – Choose your National Coach!

The NC elections are back !
It’s not an April’s Fool 🙂

You can now choose the National Coach from your country page for S41/S42


Some details:

Nomination phase: it will end on 4 April 13:59 (Saturday) (TM time)

Voting phase: from 4 April 14:00 (Saturday) to 7 April 18:30 (Tuesday) (TM time)

  • you can accept only one nomination – with your main team
  • your multiple teams can vote (in the country in which they are playing in) but they cannot be nominated/elected
  • You can vote for your own team
  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • Clubs less than half a season old cannot vote
  • Clubs less than 1 season old cannot get nominated

The rules are quite simple – do not cheat, do not play tricks, do not bribe, do not spam asking for votes/nominations etc.:
GTs will be monitoring all leagues and all participants ;-).
Users who will be caught cheating /spamming etc. will be banned from the game or removed from the election process, depending on what they do.

Please do not open a number of discussions in the forum.
You can only apply in a dedicated topic in which you can post your speech/discuss with other users.
If you cannot find it, please ask your local FT or a international FT or GT to open it.

Have fun and may the best manager win!


National Coach Election – Time to vote

The nomination phase is now over.
You can now choose who is going to be the next National Coach (NC) by expressing a preference for your favourite candidate.

So, what are you waiting for?

http://trophymanager.com/national-teams/ (–>ew coach Election)

The deadline is Apr 7th 19:00 (Tuesday) (TM time)

If you are a voter, please remember:

  • You can vote for your own team;
  • multiple teams can vote;
  • Clubs less than half a season old cannot vote;
  • Once your vote is cast, you cannot change it, no matter what 🙂

If you are a candidate, please bear in mind that GTs will be monitoring the whole election process:
cheating, bribes, spam would lead to a punishment, such as being removed from the election/game ban etc.
So please play fair as you would do in the real life.

Remember, your vote might make the difference!


A hard contest is fought between VF Tomato and ECA United

In Japan, FC Sagami and ashina (1489015) declined the nomination and the candidates are only VF Tomato and ECA United.

National Teams   Election   Jp   Trophy Manager

This is his first candidacy for VF Tomato.

He is one of the most active user in Japan Forum, and developed RatingR2 and released some tools in his blog.

ECA United is a French user who has a sub club, ECA United Tsubasa Feeling (2032382), in Japan and a former France National Coach.

He has always showed his ambitious for Japan National Coach in the past a few elections.

Speech of VF Tomato

Thank you for the nomination

I run for the Japan national Coach.

Last time, I refused to accept it because my experience and preparations were incomplete, but I’ve gained confidence as a coach for past 2 seasons.

Also in order to become a candidate in this election, I’ve contributed to Japan NT than before.

My basic policy is opened NT, as well as the former NC, FC Sagami.

I’ll open the conference and would like to hear your opinions.

Please note that I’m not good at communication in English.

I can read, but writing is difficult and is needed time.

My goal is to qualify to World Cup.

Considering recent results, it will be a tough challenge.

I select players on the basis of RatingR2 which I made.

I select players on the basis of RatingR2 which I made.

I’ll also try to look for young talents, if possible.

Please vote me.




翻訳 Translation – FC Sagami (2260539)


Speech of VF ECA United

As every 2 seasons, I am candidate for Japanese NT Coach.

I’m on Eat Trophy since season 3 and I evolve in French 1.1 for 15 seasons now.
In my career TM , I gained 2 times the French Ligue 1 and once the UETA Cup!

I am passionate Trophy, and I spend at least ten hours a week.

I have always appreciated especially Japan, and that’s why my first high school team is Japanese.
I actually for 2 years at the faculty learned Nihongo.

Sagami is a great coac , and VF Tomato is a candidate who is equally so.
The language barrier that I could not be as they present on the Japanese forum, but if I were to be elected, I would be more diligent, and I would apply myself to explain my choice to live NT countryside…

Good vote at all!

翻訳 Translation – FC Sagami (2260539)


Comment of FC Sagami

I was also nominated.

I greatly appreciate.

But I’m not going to become a candidate in this election.

I already have served as National Coach for a long time.

Chance should be given to other users.

I hope that many users stand for this election and we make active discussion.


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