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サッカーゲーム『トロフィー・マネージャー』の日本ユーザー向けファンサイト。Japanese FanSite of Trophy Manager: best online football manager game.


Invite foreign users to Japan League



The support to Japan sub club of users having foreign main club

We are considering that most important thing is increasing new Japanese users for TM.

However, in order to increase Japan club, to invite foreign users who are already playing TM to Japan league would have more immediate effectivity rather than to get new users.

Then, if a foreign user have a sub club in Japan, we pay a part of the Pro days.

The pro days will be payed from River Cats (3104048)’s Pro.

In Japan forum, the main language is Japanese, but you can use English.

In the old days, TM had not been localized to Japanese, therefore many old users in Japan are non-Japanese.
They are not so active in the current Japan forum.

I hope that they come back by foreign users’ having sub club in Japan and joining the forum.

Support to sub clubs in Japan

This campaign supports users who have a foreign main club when they create a sub club in Japan.

If you create a sub club in Japan for 12 months (300 Pro is required), 75 (66) Pro is donated.
I FC Sagami (2260539) pay 75 Pro and you receive 66 Pro.

For 24 months (the cost is 500 Pro), 150 (134) Pro is donated.

When you renew it, you can get same amount of Pro.

Please post screenshots of this page before and after renewing in “無料 Pro 提供 You can get free Pro by River Cats” thread.


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The purpose

To increase Japan clubs and Japanese players.

If you have a Japan club, you can get more free Pro days

There are other free Pro campaigns in Japan.

If you have a Japan club, you can take part in these campaigns.

This is the article about online football manager game “Trophy Manager”.

About “TM” which is the best online football manager game

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