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Improvement of Match Engine


Trophy Manager

Interview with a MT – Part 3

Future Match Engine of TM

You have told us that you are working on a live substitution system in the match engine.
However, many users ask if the ME-core will be further improved.
Do you actually plan to implement team chemistry, form, fatigue, more tactical depth or adjust again routine and GK importance or similar things?

Live match orders

Live substitution and tactical changes are coming to TM this summer/fall.
We will keep conditional orders so if you cannot watch the match live you can still make impact pre-match.

More tactical

Regarding your questions we are considering some of it.
Fatigue, form, morale are probably first in line of those mentioned.
But still a bit out in the future (guess 2015) – if we decided to add it.

Another thing we are looking into right now is an extension to live match subs.
It is real-time possession during a match as well as average ratings for players updating live as the match runs.
This is though not concluded if it can work properly to make sense.

Also we are considering adding a disadvantage to inactive teams like a “manager not present penalty” if a user has not been active for a while and meaning the team will perform worse.

In a later future we will surely also look at adding some core functionally improvements to the ME like stuff mentioned.
But right now it is prioritized below the above mentioned.

Tomorrow’s questions…

Promoting to a higher division is often not financially rewarding at the moment and many teams avoid promotion at the end of the season.
How will you solve that issue and ensure that it is more rewarding to promote than to stay in your current division?

Will there be a league reshuffling anytime soon to even out the groups of the same division?

Adding to the last question.
Especially the fan system and also the game economics have been criticized for many seasons.
Only one of its flaws is the mentioned ‘avoiding promotion’ issue.
Are you still happy with it and think it is fair?
Or will we see a new fan system or at least some revamp in the future including min/max of fan caps, or for economics maybe adjustment of sponsor money, ticket prices, TV money, maintenance & building costs?



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