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サッカーゲーム『トロフィー・マネージャー』の日本ユーザー向けファンサイト。Japanese FanSite of Trophy Manager: best online football manager game.


If you can’t sign up on Trophy Manager


Trophy Manager

If you have troubles when sign up for Trophy Manager

Recently, some people face troubles when they make the account of Trophy Manager.

There are a few access to this site from Search result of “Trophy Manager 登録できない”.

“登録できない” is Japanese language which means “impossible to register”, “can’t sign up” or something.

Form a hasty conclusion, maybe it is caused by IP address.

If you can’t sign up on Trophy Manager, please try it again after a while.

=> try to sign up again

In the game, a thread about the sign up trouble has opened on bug forum.

Impossible to sign up


Rois Mages (158762) – Belgian club (+ sub club in Panama)/ FT / South Korea NC

A few French users have recently tried to sign up on TM but that didn’t work. Some have tried several times, and then gave up.

Here’s a link towards a forum where they talk about it (in French) : http://online.sokker.org/forum_topic/ID_forum/1283/ID_topic/3013518/pg/6

I don’t know what the problem is, but there seems to be one. And it doesn’t help expanding the size of the TM community.

Has anyone heard of such problems ?

Gearsboy.FC (1233920) – Palestine club (+ sub club in Cameron)/ FT and LT

some one speak lately about his friends they couldn’t signup

it seems to be bug for all

Rois Mages (158762)

It seems that people enter their email address and their password, but when they click on the big red button to confirm, nothing happens.

Wolverines 4 Life (190090) – US club (+ sub club in South Africa)

I broke a rule, but passed this one on as it impacts HQ more than current managers.

FAIRPLAYERS FC (1624014) – French club (+ sub club in Luxembourg)/ FT

This bug has to be repared has soon as possible !

It’s incredible. The number of managers in TM decreases all the time. Here we’ve got an answer about this problem. I hope it wll take seriously by the TM headquarters, really.

FC Sagami (2260539)

Maybe there is the same problem in Japan.

Google suggest

Trophy manager   Google 検索

FC Sagami (2260539)


It looks like you are not showing your IP address. と表示されて登録できません。

I can’t sign and this message is displayed; It looks like you are not showing your IP address.”

Internazionale™ (36) – Danish MT (“Master Teamster” means official staff)

Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Most likely it’s a “same ip’s” issue.

Here’s the figures on signups in February (having France in 24th position which seems normal) (See the bottom of this page)

Total: 12k in January. 8k in Feb so far.

Change Browser

A Japanese user says as follow;

開始の際に It looks like you are not showing your IP address と表示され、3 日間ほど登録できず諦めかけていましたが、Chrome から IE にブラウザを変えたらあっさり登録できました。

Trophy Manager 始めました。 : 暇人のメモ書き

“I was’t able to sign up for 3 days and this message was displayed; It looks like you are not showing your IP address.

I was considering giving up, but when I used IE instead of Chrome I succeeded to sign up without any problems.”

So, if you can’t sign up, try again by another browser.

signups in February

C  N
en  666
id  619
ge  567
it  436
br  389
pl  352
tr  350
ro  333
gr  264
es  220
pt  200
sa  198
eg  189
us  109
dz  101
de  100
al  97
ma  95
bg  93
vn  93
cn  91
my  89
cs  87
fr  85
nl  74
ar  73
dk  72
ba  72
ru  72
ng  70
hr  66
in  60
hk  52
mk  48
il  47
hu  45
be  44
cz  42
jp  42
au  39
ua  39
se  37
th  37
sk  33
no  33
za  31
md  29
sv  28
uy  27
td  27
by  26
ca  26
np  25
iq  25
ir  25
gt  24
am  24
ly  24
mt  23
co  23
py  22
me  22
tn  21
do  20
at  20
az  20
gh  19
si  19
ae  19
mx  19
af  19
pk  19
sy  19
bo  19
lv  18
ve  18
ct  18
jo  18
bz  18
cl  18
cy  18
he  17
rt  17
sg  17
so  16
is  16
ie  16
cm  16
bh  15
om  14
kw  14
jm  14
cr  13
sn  13
bd  13
kr  13
lt  13
fi  13
wa  12
ph  12
ci  12
ec  11
cu  11
ao  11
bn  11
sm  11
vc  11
tt  11
lb  10
ad  9
pe  9
pr  9
kz  9
ee  8
pa  8
lu  8
qa  7
fj  6
tw  6
fo  5
hn  5
nz  4
oc  3
bw  3

Latest Information: If you can’t sign up on Trophy Manager, try the following.

  • Try again after a while.

  • Use a different browser.

  • Register by mobile.

  • Connect through proxy (VPN).

  • Access from another place (school, office, internet café).

  • Sign up with Facebook account.

=>Try to sign up again

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