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How many users are playing TM?


Trophy Manager

Interview with a MT – Part 2

Number of TM users

How many users are playing TM?
Can you give some insights how registered and active user numbers have developed since TM 2.0 was released?
Are you planning to advertise and bring a new inflow of players to TM?

TM is not dying

The easiest way to do this is to show you a graph from the number of active users on TM since we launched TM 2.0 in October 2011.


As you can see TM is not dying.
These are forum rumors and not the truth.

You might feel, but untrue, less users are on TM as we haven’t done advertisement for the game for more than a year.
The reason was explained in my announcement Friday and until one dollar spent will bring back more than we pay, we will not run ads for TM.

The user base is stable and always has been.
Even with organic-only new users we keep the size of the game as player’s churn rate is similar to the stick rate.

Tomorrow’s question…

You have told us that you are working on a live substitution system.
However, many users ask if the ME-core will be further improved.
Do you actually plan to implement team chemistry, form, fatigue, more tactical depth or adjust again routine and GK importance or similar things?



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