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FC Sagami’s Speech -S33 NC Election



Speech of FC Sagami (2260539)


Now Trophy Manager has election to choose a coach who will manage each National Team for Season 33 – Season 34.


Here is a speech of the user of FC Sagami (2260539) for the election.


Japanese speech is here.




If someone nominate me, I will run for this election.



However, I have never played in top divisions.


I lack good experience and tactical knowledge of TM.



I will do my best, but I can’t promise success in the tournament.



I’ve played TM for just one year, and don’t so contributed for NT.


I offered to translate NT announcements, but the opportunities were few.



But I have contributed to the Japan community; I am an active member here and also translating TM as a Japanese LT.


As for a FT, I’m not active; because spams are few in the Japan forum and another FT 広末涼子 is doing well.


I just use the power as a translator.


I’ve also worked to get new users.



My aim as NC is to build the basis for the NT for next 10 seasons.


In the past seasons, some good managers worked as NC, but we couldn’t achieve a triumph.


This time, even if an user who have good tactical knowledge than me becomes the next NC, I think, the possibility to win the title is very little.



Therefore, I would like to organize NT to the long-term success.



I several times served Japan NC and U-20 NC in another online football game (Hattrick), and experienced both success and failure.


My TM knowledge might be not enough, but I have a little experience of organization of NT.



In my opinion, to strengthen NT, we need;


1) To increase clubs


2) To involve users in NT


3) To find good youth pulls


4) To right train and trace NT prospects


5) To open information


6) To make active community



If I am elected, I hope to many staffs’ help.


We will find high potential youth pulls from every league, and I’ll try to contact with the owner to ask his plan.


Such information will be shared with users with having interest in NT.


I’m going to create a conferences that only Japan clubs can join.



If a NT candidate is not in a good situation (in low level Training Ground/doesn’t play and get routine), I’ll talk with his owner (Of course, players belong to clubs, I just suggest, I’ll never compel something).


I’m Japanese, and I can use both English and Japanese.


This would be advantage in communication.



In the campaign, I will select young players for the future.


But maybe I won’t pick up extremely young ones (under 21).


Because if we lose every match, users will lose interest in NT.


I think 25-30 years players will be key.



If you expect short-term result, I am not your candidate.


But if you have long-term view, please vote me.



Thank you.



FC Sagami 2260539




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