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FC Sagami’s Speech in NT election Season 39


Japan National Coach candidate, FC Sagami

FC Sagami (2260539) is one of the two candidates for the next Japan national coach.

Here is his speech.

Speech of FC Sagami

I run for this election.

My aim is to qualify for Asian Cup.

Now we have better players than 2 seasons ago.

Most key players of the last campaign still can play.

However our Rec 5 players are only 7, the fewest in the group, so I can’t promise the result.

But we have more young players who can reach Rec 5.

If I was elected, the squad will be a mix of young players and old ones.

A few young players play only 10 minutes per match to improve routine.

My management way of NT won’t change.

I’ll discuss about selection and tactics in the conference.

I hope that many users join the discussion.

I already have taken charge of Japan NT long enough.

Maybe I won’t run for the next election.

In TM, the rules of NT aren’t clear, so I’d like to make the base for many users who will challenge to become NC in the future.

Now Japanese users have nearly NT level players or future NT players.

I want to hear their opinions.

Also I’m considering to invite non-Japanese language users who are not active in the forum recently again.

Please vote me.
Thank you.

About FC Sagami

The manager of FC Sagami is the incumbent Japan national coach and has taken charge of the national team three terms of six seasons since he was elected in the Season 33.

It is his fourth term if he is elected this time while he hints that this is his last candidacy.

Last season, they finished at third place in the J1 and played well in the RoW Cup.

They are also the finalist of Cup of Japan, but they suffered the biggest defeat in the club history in the final and are still in the poor form.

FC Sagami   Trophy Manager

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