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FC Sagami’s midfielder Bando retires


FC Sagami

Yozo Bando, the captain of FC Sagami, retires from professional football

Yozo ‘遠藤 Endo’ Bando, a 35 years old midfielder of FC Sagami (2260539) who finished at the eighth place in the J. League Division 1 in this season, puts an end to his professional career.
Bando is a central midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker having high passing ability like Xabier Alonso or Andrea Pirlo, and his nickname comes from Yasuhito Endo who is the most similar player in Japan.
He has been a key player, he hasn’t only done the role of playmaker as Regista in Italian but also been the captain of FC Sagami.
He kept good performance even in his thirties, and in the Season 35 sometimes played as an attacking midfielder, then produced many goals and contributed to the promotion of the club to the J1.
In this season, however, age began to tell on him at last, his Passing skill declined from 20 to 19 and finally his recommendation dropped from 3.5 to 3.
Still he played 33 league matches of the J1 and he scored 6 goals and assisted 8 goals, the only absence was due to suspension.
FC Sagami (2260539) haven’t found a replacement for him yet, now it is difficult to acquire it by the beginning of the next season.

We announce the retirement of Yozo Bando

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

 Yozo ‘遠藤 Endo’ Bando who has been our captain for many years will retire after this season.
He played 258 league matches, 30 cup matches and the total 315 games for FC Sagami and recorded 75 goals and 74 assists in all.
These are the most appearances and the most assists record for the club and the second in the goal ranking in our history.
Yozo  遠藤 Endo  Bando   Trophy Manager EN
Yozo  遠藤 Endo  Bando   Trophy Manager EN cup
Yozo  遠藤 Endo  Bando   Trophy Manager EN total
Bando is the only one player who has been since the club had been founded in the Season 27, and his retirement means the end of a cycle for the club.
Although some players are still playing in other clubs, there will be no players who know the beginning of the club after his retirement.
He has declared the decision at the beginning of this season.
We had tried to persuade him through the season but he had been resolute in his determination to hang up his boots.
We go our separate ways, but we hope the best for his second life.
If he hope to come back here someday, we would welcome as a staff.
Bando “I’m satisfied with my career.
Starting in division 4 and playing in division 1 in the last season.
I’m proud that I had been a captain for this club.
I decided to retire because I think I can’t help the team as a player anymore”
“I have no plans about my future yet.
First of all I want to enjoy the time with family.
Possibility to return as a staff in the future?
Sagami is in my heart forever and I’ll support as a fan.
It may be so someday”



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