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FC Sagami’s Bando hits 250th league appearance


FC Sagami

Bando played in 250 league matches so far.

On January 15, FC Sagami’s captain Yozo ‘遠藤 Endo’ Bando made his 250th league appearance.

Yozo Bando achieved 250th league appearance

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

On January 15, our captain Yozo ‘遠藤 Endo’ Bando  played in the match with Fuji Rat Terriers (2032419) and achieved his 250th league appearance for the club.
He is the first player who has the record.
He made 62 goals and 48 assists in the games.
He also played 23 cup games, so he appeared in 273 official matches.
Bando, the 34 years old player, is only and last one player who has belonged since our club established.
Bando “Playing for this club is my pleasure. I want to play J1 in this club.
300 matches? Not sure. It would be great. At least I’ll continue to play next season”
Manager N-Kobayashi “I’m happy for this record as if it were my own self.
Yozo is not only a player.
He is a commander on my behalf on the pitch and a symbol of the club off the pitch.
8 seasons ago, when I came here, he was already existed. He is my friend and we have built the club together”


Yozo  遠藤 Endo  Bando   Trophy Manager-250-League-en
Yozo  遠藤 Endo  Bando   Trophy Manager-250-cup-en
Yozo  遠藤 Endo  Bando   Trophy Manager-250-total-en

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