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FC Sagami strengthen by obtaining players


FC Sagami

FC Sagami obtained experienced Japanese players to reinforce the squad

FC Sagami (2260539) who are playing their second season in the J. League Division 1 are active in the transfer market to aim for higher position than eighth place which was their result of last season.
They singed Settan ‘阿部 Abe’ Yoshihara who had lost his position in RedSun (418839) as a successor to Bando had retired, and obtained Kunimatsu ‘松井 Matsui’ Sano,a former Japan international winger for left side.
Yoshihara who had played only for RedSun is a defensive midfielder has good defense abilities.
He is expected to stabilize Sagami’s defense.
On the other hand, doesn’t have skills as playmaker like Bando, Sagami might play more Wing Attacks.
From the viewpoint, acquisition of Sano was not a bad choice.
The winger who was graduated from 広末涼子 (53346) challenged to play Italian league from a young age and returned to 広末涼子 in the Season 24, but the next season he transferred to England.
Then he had played for Gumi FC (36419) in Hungarian top division for nine seasons from the Season 28.
In this period, he had chance to play for Japan National Team that N-Kobayashi, the manager of FC Sagami, managed.
However, there are some questions about these signings.
FC Sagami have declare that their league goal is the top three, but the squad seems not to have enough quality to achieve it.
Also though the both are good players, they has already passed their peak, so Sagami will need other players soon.

We aim to take rank with the top clubs

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

This season marks the tenth anniversary of our club FC Sagami’s founding.
It’s a turning point for us, so we announce an ambitious plan to become one of top clubs in Japan.

Top 3 in the league.


To score at least 70 goals, concede at most 40 goals.


To reach the quarterfinals in the Cup.


To expand stadium to 54,000.


To increase fans to 21,000.

Our stadium has already been under construction.
To achieve these goals, we signed two experienced players  Settan ‘阿部 Abe’ Yoshihara and  Kunimatsu ‘松井 Matsui’ Sano.
Also we are going to acquire one more top class Japanese player.
Settan  阿部 Abe  Yoshihara   Trophy Manager
Kunimatsu  松井 Matsui  Sano   Trophy Manager



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