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FC Sagami secure to avoid relegation


FC Sagami

The league is drawing to a close, FC Sagami avoid relegation while Shinjuku Akiras demote



Near the end of the Season 36, the league show a clear contrast between light and shade.



This season, the title of the J. League Division 1 go to 広末涼子 (53346) again.


They are leaving other teams behind and have already secured the title.


People are turning their interest to whether they will win all four remaining games and break the most point record (99 point of the Season 29 and 32).



The following is e close contest, six clubs from the 2nd Namba Osaka (489911) to the 7th ashina (1489015) are completing for RoW League and RoW Cup of the next season.



Turn your eyes toward lowly teams, only Shinjuku Akiras (2032381) are already assured of relegation, but FC Shippuden (2103699) and The Gunners (2032396) are also in the difficult situation.


But the last one spot of auto-relegation isn’t decided yet.


FC Sagami (2260539) who already escaped relegation despite their first challenge in the J1 are remaining matches with the relegation zone clubs.


If they are  losing feeling of tension or their interest is already toward the next season, clubs in the relegation battle might have chance.




We achieved staying in the J1 in this season

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

At the round 30, FC Sagami have won the away game against Tekkaman FC (2103693) with a score of 2-4, and the winning has practically decided their avoiding relegation.



There were four remaining games, the difference from auto-relegation zone is 17 points and from play-off zone, the 11th place 涼子の院 (764222), is 12 points.


Even if we lose all the games while 涼子の院 earn 12 points and the both teams have same points, we have large advantage in the goal difference (ours is -1 against theirs is -30).


So, we will play in this league in the next season.



This is our first season in the J1, it could be said we’ve done well.



Japan   J. League Division 1   Trophy Manager



However, we are an ambitious club and will aim for higher levels in the next season.


We are going to challenge international competitions in the coming seasons.





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