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FC Sagami make splash the cash


FC Sagami

FC Sagami make big splash in transfer market

FC Sagami (2260539) spent over 1,300 million to obtain six top class players.

The five players are foreign Rec 5, and the last one is a Japanese Rec 4.5 winger.

Made Big Transfers

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

Last season, we finished at the fifth place in the league and weren’t able to reach the third place which was our target.

In the cup, advanced to the final first time in the club history, but the game of the final made us realize again that we don’t have enough quality to win titles.

We are considering that we need to produce better results than last season.

Also in this season we challenge the RoW Cup for the first time.

Our club had considered that big transfers are needed to strengthen the squad and signed on these player.

David ‘Casillas’ Vasco (Spain) transfer fee 280.7 million

David  Casillas  Vasco   Trophy Manager

Wojciech ‘Bąk’ Dragan (Poland) transfer fee 271.3 million

Wojciech  Bąk  Dragan   Trophy Manager

Zhang ‘孙继海 Sun Jihai’ WeiMing (China) transfer fee 166.8 million

Zhang  孙继海 Sun Jihai  WeiMing   Trophy Manager

Chai ‘郑智 Zheng Zhi’ ZhongYi (China) transfer fee 180.0 million

Chai  郑智 Zheng Zhi  ZhongYi   Trophy Manager

Sugimoto ‘永井 Nagai’ Kanesaka (Japan) transfer fee 225.5 million

Sugimoto  永井 Nagai  Kanesaka   Trophy Manager

Lovro ‘Mandžukić’ Marjanović (Croatia) transfer fee 239.9 million

Lovro  Mandžukić  Marjanović   Trophy Manager



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