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FC Sagami acquire a Japan international side-back


FC Sagami

FC Sagami sign Japan international defender Eishi Yasuda

On February 20, FC Sagami (2260539) who have difficult season in the J1 confirmed Japan international side-back Eishi Yasuda transfer for a club-record transfer fee.

Club career

The 25 years old player Yasuda brought up in Mada Mada Dane (1489043) and made his debut in the Season 28.

His appearance increased gradually since the Season 29, then he became a regular.

At the end of the Season 34, he transferred to SC Combat India (1958491) of the Indian top league.

He played as a regular during the Season 35, but this season his play chances had decreased.

International career

Though he called up to the Japan National Team in the Season 33, he didn’t get chances to play.

After playing in some friendly matches, he made debut in the Asian Cup qualifier of the last season.

He has played in 4 matches so far.

Japan international side-back Eishi Yasuda move completed

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

FC Sagami (2260539) today announce the signing of the 25 years old Japan international  Eishi ‘駒野 Komano’ Yasuda from SC Combat India (1958491).

Yasuda is a side-back who can play at both sides, and he already have played 4 official matches for Japan and is expected as a future key player.

The Manager N-Kobayashi

“I feel very happy to sing with Eishi.

I’ve coached him in the national team, so I know him well.

To tell the truth, I’d not thought there was a chance to get him to us.

So my target had been  Toru Ohi, but he’s gone to 広末涼子 (53346).

It’s SC Combat India that has offered the deal.

I doubted my own ears”

“Which is it that’s a better player?

Ohi‘s strong point is the utility.

He can play any side positions.

But as a side-back, Eishi is the superior”

Eishi  駒野 Komano  Yasuda   Trophy Manager

Toru Ohi   Trophy Manager



He is the first international player for FC Sagami.

But it seems that there were arguments both for and against the signing among the supporter.

“He will be a key player for the national team and our club.
I think a good signing”

“Surely good player, but too expensive”

“I can understand the club gets Japanese players.
But I don’t think we need to sell many last season key players for him.
If they had stayed, our position must be higher”

“Other positions should be prioritized”

He have to prove his own worth on the pitch.

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