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Election start – Who is Japan National Coach of S33-34?



Election start


Election to choose the next National Coach of each country has begun.

The coach will manage his national team from Season 33 to 34.






Already in Japan, the special thread opened and some users announced their candidacy.


代表監督選挙 Nc election



At the present moment, Japan NC candidates are as follow.



National Teams - Election - Trophy Manager



RedSun (418839), Osaka Celtic (598351), NO PAY TO WIN (98330) and FC Sagami (2260539) are candidates.


Sendai Queen (2411678) refused to accept a nomination, and Imbaba Club (1258527) and Saudi Arabian βorussia Đortmund (164667) don’t define their attitude.


NO PAY TO WIN (98330) (the old name was ECA United (98330)) are a club of France League 1, but the owner has a Japanese club which name is ECA United Tsubasa Feeling (2032382).


Furthermore, Brazilian club Sport Clube Canoas (852170)’s manager shows interest in this office.



The present NC RedSun (418839)’s coach is up for reelection, on the other hand, many managers run for this election.


Each candidate’s speech is as follow.


Osaka Celtic


FC Sagami

Sport Clube Canoas



The discussion thread is here.


代表監督選挙ディスカッション Nc election discussion



Voting period

Voting phase is from May 25th 12:01 (Saturday) to May 29th 12:00 (Wednesday) (TM time)



You can go voting page here.


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