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Trophy Manager

Interview with a MT – Part 4

League Structure and Economic Imbalance

Promoting to a higher division is often not financially rewarding at the moment and many teams avoid promotion at the end of the season.
How will you solve that issue and ensure that it is more rewarding to promote than to stay in your current division?

Will there be a league reshuffling anytime soon to even out the groups of the same division?

Adding to the last question.
Especially the fan system and also the game economics have been criticized for many seasons.
Only one of its flaws is the mentioned ‘avoiding promotion’ issue.
Are you still happy with it and think it is fair?
Or will we see a new fan system or at least some revamp in the future including min/max of fan caps, or for economics maybe adjustment of sponsor money, ticket prices, TV money, maintenance & building costs?

New Fan System improves Economy

This is actually two very close connected questions.
So I will answer them in one.

We have a solution coming up, with revamp of the fan structure, sponsor structure and promotion rewards.

All this together will not only boost the economy short term (and easy to adjust via wages later on), it will also decrease the gap to the top teams in the top tier divisions plus remove the economy flaw where it can be a financial viable plan to avoid promotion or want to get relegated.

I have just posted the current suggestion in the general forum for final input from the community.
You can have a look here:


Adjusting building cost

We are also considering adjusting the price for building stadium seats, so the first seats are cheaper to buy and the last or more expensive.
This is to make the start easier and more enjoyable to new and lower division users.

No re-shuffling of Leagues

By the way there is not planned any re-shuffling of the groups.
So put on the gloves if you are in a tough group or smile at Lady Luck if you are in an easy one.

Next question being answered Friday

Will you implement a fairer distribution in YA pulls and make it less random?
Will we get the possibilities to fully develop our own players and not have to pull already half-bloomed guys with bad skill distribution?
Have you planned further changes to YA + TG?
Will we have coaches again?



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