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ECA United’s Speech in NT election Season 39


Japan National Coach candidate, ECA United

ECA United (98330) is one of the two candidates for the next Japan national coach.

Here is his speech.

Speech of ECA United

Like each 2 seasons I am candidate for Japanese NT!

Each 2 seasons I have nomination in my country, but I just want to became the NC of Japan.

Objective is to obtain qualification for Continental Cup.

So, if I became NC, the players who play will be the best in Japan in my mind.

If a young player plays, that is because he is better than an older…

Staying for questions, I know that FC Sagami (2260539) is the best choice, but my envy is so great!

About ECA United

ECA United are a top club in France.

Since the Season 26, they are playing in France League 1.

ECA United   Trophy Manager

The user has two sub clubs.

The one is an English club, ECA United in UK, which is one of the most successful sub club in TM world.

The other is a Japanese club, ECA United Tsubasa Feeling (2032382).

This is the first season to play in J1.

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