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Downward revision of FC Sagami’s plan


FC Sagami

FC Sagami have revised down the plan that they aim at the promotion in this season


FC Sagami (2260539) have published a press release that they have revised down their plan that was showed in Season 28.




To promote, a few more players are needed.

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

When we promoted to division 2 in Season 28, we declared the plan to challenge to Division 1 within 3 seasons.



However, now we have to recognize it is difficult.


We are an ambitious club, but nowadays the league is more competitive than before.



Under long-term vision, we have invested in young players training and facilities.


But the effect will not appear immediately.



Therefore, the club could not avoid releasing  Sadaharu Kikutakefor financial reasons.


Though we acquired  Morten Knudsgård for the replacement of Đorđe Begić who had retired, our real reinforcement is only  David Oliveira signing.



The board decided the target of this season as top half.







Sadaharu Kikutake - Trophy Manager


Morten Knudsgard - Trophy Manager


David Oliveira - Trophy Manager

 - プレス Press, Season 34, J. League Division 1, J. League Division 2