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Chinese users request to change Taiwan flag


Taiwan or Chinese Taipei

Political or religious topics are not allowed

There are many users from many countries in TM.

Therefore, political or religious topics are not allowed in the game.

However, there is a sensitive discussion now.

Flag of Chinese Taipei

In TM, the flag of Republic of China had been used for Taiwan.


But against the flag, a Chinese club, 太原FC who is a FT and a LT, requested to change to the flag to Chinese Taipei and many Chinese users support the opinion.

He writes as follow;

In order to avoid sports influenced by political,Taiwan take part under the name “chinese taipei”, used in sporting events such as the Olympics, Football Games and regional groups such as the asia-pacific economic co-operation forum.
This is the international common practice.
But TM is creating political problems, and does not recognize the problem, and MT (Internazionale™) questioning the validity of our work.

We found a serious problem.
The Chinese Taipei Flag in TM is not conform to the international practice.
Normally Chinese Taipei use this Flag in international competition.
Please look this Flag:



Politics shouldn’t come into TM,but we use this Flag_of_Chinese_Taipei_for_Olympic_games.svg, it has introduced the political, why TM no use this flag Flag_of_Chinese_Taipei_for_Olympic_games.svg like FIFA??
This is the introduction of the dispute, is not it?


TM rejected Chinese Taipei Flag once, but changed the decision

MTs once rejected to change the flag.


We don’t use “olympic” flags or other such nonsense on this site.


Well, that does seem political and arbitrary.
We don’t really care about that.

Cf similar case with the Greece-Macedonia tragic nonsense.


Nielsen VVS BK

It would make absolutely no sense to use the olympic flag.
This is not the olympics.
If you have proof of the flag is not incoherence with FIFA or UEFA, please let me know.
Else we will not change.


However, they changed the attitude soon.

Nielsen VVS BK

We use the same flag as FIFA.
Talk to them if you have any problems.


The TM rule is we follow FIFA in both naming and flags.


Probably, they would have wanted to force responsibility onto FIFA to avoid political discussion.

Flag of Republic of China

The decision, however, led to the objections of not only Taiwan clubs but also many users.

slps, the National Coach of Taiwan (Republic of China, RoC), apples together with many Taiwan users.

I am here, representing RoC players, to send the request to the official of Trophy manager.

Change our flag to the original one.

We recently find our flag change from 125px-Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.svg to TPE.

Those Chinese (People’s Republic of China, China) teams state this change is needed because we use this flag in international event and FIFA.

Which is partly correct, because we do use this flag in FIFA.

But there is a story behind it, and you will know we are ‘forced’ to use it, not decided to use it.

Back to 1911, RoC is founded and right after the end of WW2, Communist Party of China raise the Civil war against RoC government.
This Civil war last about 5 years, the result is RoC government lost their territory in China then retreat to Taiwan, and People’s Republic of China (PRC) founded on Oct 1st, 1949.

But the war is not really over, after the retreat, PRC is still continuing to erase RoC.
No matter through the military or diplomacy.
It leads to many events such as Second_Taiwan_Strait_Crisis, or taking RoC seat in UN.
And their action continue to interfere our presence in international event, asking international organization not to allow us to participate in their events if we use our original flag.
So we have no choice but to use this.

So I am here to present our objection to the opinion of PRC player.

This flag, TPE, can not represent RoC.

Only 125px-Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.svg can.


FIFA rules

“FIFA rules” that MTs say includes many inconsistencies.

For example, Macedonia in TM is FYR Macedonia in FIFA, China in TM is China PR in FIFA.

TM has Oceania and West Indian Islands, but no names and flags for them in FIFA.

Therefore not only Taiwan users but also many users from many countries are against the change.

At present, Taiwan national page is this.

Chinese Taipei   Trophy Manager

Name is Taiwan, flag is Chinese Taipei, logo is Republic of China.

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