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Big transfers of Japanese prospects



Expensive transfers at the season end

NT sale

In TM, at the every season end, international players and the candidates who belong to inactive clubs are sold to save them.

It is called “NT sale” or “NT rescue”, but in the past few seasons, there were no big transfers of Japan internationals and prospects in the sales.

It shows Japanese strong clubs less became inactive.

It is a positive aspect of TM Japan.

But in this season, Thorgaard Thunders (2063796) became inactive (more precisely, the club was banned due to inactivation of their main club), then many good Japanese young stars were put on the transfer market.

Thorgaard Thunders (2063796)

Thorgaard Thunders is a sub club which was created by a foreign user and still existed though the main club had been deleted at the last season end.

Thorgaard Thunders   Trophy Manager

The club didn’t seem to have interest to challenge higher division because they were a sub club, and they have stayed in division 3 since the club had been founded in the Season 26 except only Season 29 when they had played in J2.

On the other hand, they have trained many young talents.

This time, many prospects were listed on the transfer list because the club will be deleted.

Hirano and Tsukehara already having caps

Among them, most high‐priced transfers were deal of Noboru Hirano and Katsumi Tsukehara who already have international caps.

Noboru Hirano

Noboru Hirano is the most promising player for the Japan national team having weak points in the both sides.

As he has Adaptability 20, he can play at any positions and the tactical utility is a good advantage.

Many clubs have had interest in the winger, such as 広末涼子 (53346) and VF Tomato (2925434), FC Sagami (2260539) eventually won the bid war against LTM FC (1317593), a Hong Kong club, and acquired with 537.5 million.

FC Sagami broke their transfer fee record with this deal.

The transfer fee is also club record for Thorgaard Thunders.

Noboru  長友 Nagatomo  Hirano   Trophy Manager

Katsumi Tsukehara

On the other hand, the club that bought Katsumi Tsukehara is ashina (1489015).

The transfer fee is 416.0 million, it also updated ashina’s club record.

Sanraku Minami and Keisuke Yamaguchi have already belonged to ashina, so he is the third Japan international defender for the club.

But all of them are aggressive, To say whether it is a good signing or not, we have to wait coming seasons.

Katsumi Tsukehara   Trophy Manager

Rec 4.5 players

Besides them, Thorgaard Thunders had some Rec 4.5 players, but only Tomohiko Hashiratani transferred to a Japanese club.

Tomohiko Hashiratani moved to ashina at 297.2 million.

fishers paid transfer fees of more than 700 million in all for this NT sale.

Tomohiko Hashiratani   Trophy Manager

Also Shuhei Kumagai transferred to O` N.O.U. N.O.U (440549), a strong prestigious Cameroonian club, at 312.2 million and Satoshi Kobayashi transferred to Millwall F.C. (441514) in the Bosnia-Herzegovina division 2 at 256.3 million.

Shuhei Kumagai   Trophy Manager

Satoshi Kobayashi   Trophy Manager

Potential 5 players

In addition, two potential 5 players who are not bloomed were bought by foreign clubs.

Akihiro Matsumoto moved to WTS Football Club (1486255) of Hong Kong for 371.1 million and Yasuhide Kubo transferred to KUWAIT (94209150) of Kuwait for 320.0 million.

Though there is no doubt in their potential, considering low routine, the transfer prices are surprising.

Akihiro Matsumoto   Trophy Manager

Yasuhide Kubo   Trophy Manager

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