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Asia and Oceania WC Qualifiers Draw Season 33



NC Election End

NC election is over.


But the votes are still counting now, the next  National Coach isn’t announced yet.



Official Announcement

The voting phase of the national coach (NC) elections have finished.


Now there’s a confirmation process that will last a few days, most likely.


Results will be announced asap.



Thanks all for participating!







Asia and Oceania World Cup Qualifiers

On the other hand, the draw for World Cup Qualifiers was already made.




Asia and Oceania - National teams - Trophy Manager



Japan is in Group 2 with Malaysia, Qatar, Nepal, Oman and Oceania.



 Group 2

Malaysia FITA ranking 20th (3,624 Points)

Qatar FITA ranking 53rd (2,042 Points)

Japan FITA ranking 77th (1,261 Points)

Nepal FITA ranking 93rd (685 Points)

Oman FITA ranking 104th (581 Points)

Oceania FITA ranking 115th (368 points)




Top 4 FITA ranked Asian and Oceanian countries  (5th Saudi Arabia, 7th Australia, 10th India and 13th Kuwait) are not in the same Group.


Also, the latest Asian Cup winner Indonesia which has the largest number of clubs among this region is in the different group.


It could say this is a relatively easy group.



However, Asia and Oceania have 7 spaces in the World Cup.


Therefore, only the winner of each group and the best team of the 6 second team will qualify.


Malaysia is the runner-up of the Season 32 Asian Cup, so it will be difficult for Japan.

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