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An upset, the former Japan national coach 逗子Blues were eliminated by a division 3 club



There was a  big upset in Cup of Japan.In the main round 1, the former Japan national coach 逗子Blues (296683) was defeated by Unya Reds (2502811) playing division 3 Japan Football League Group 13.

This was something about the story of David and Goliath.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Unya Reds - TrophyManager.com



The match was played at  Fortress Bridge of 逗子Blues (296683).

Unya Reds (2502811) who have the nickname of “うにゃれーず” used 3 defensive midfielders and played 4-3-2-1.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Unya Reds - TrophyManager.com



According to expectations, the Blues kept high possession.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Unya Reds - TrophyManager.com



But the away team parked the bus in front of the goal, and the division 1 team failed to find the net.

Japanese International Naito who had recorded 6 goals and 6 assists in 12 games after joining the club from RedSun (418839) was stiff in this game.



On 31 minutes, a Polish forward Ława was knocked down.in the area and given penalty.

The foul was by Demirören who was the only one forward of his team.

It showed how defensive うにゃれーず were.

Ława kicked the penalty himself, but failed.



At beginning of the last half, the away team went ahead.

Demirören headed the ball from a corner kick and Japan GK Kitagawa conceded.



逗子Blues has the third best defence in J. League Division 1, but it is not strong for air battle.

In this match, the defenders’ Head were 12, 10, 10.

There is no doubt that Unya Reds’ manager デルピエロタイガー had decided to play Demirören for this.

The Turkey player who had played only 3 games and 1 cup match in this season by joining new players has good aerial ability, his Head is 19.

And their corner kicker Top has Set Pieces 18, Crossing 16 and Technique 14.



Away team keeper Aoki played well and they kept clean cheat.

The game ended in a 0-1.

The Blues was already eliminated from Cup of Japan.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Unya Reds - TrophyManager.com



In their league, 逗子Blues (296683) takes 6th place now, it looks like difficult to end at better result than last season.

On the other hand, Unya Reds (2502811) is competing for the promotion in Japan Football League Group 13 and the success in the division 2 of the next season is expected.

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