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All Japanese clubs are eliminated from RoW competitions



広末涼子 are eliminated in quarterfinals from RoW Cup

広末涼子 (53346) were the only one Japanese club to play to the final tournament in Row competitions, but they were defeated by the Egyptian champion Shika United (277335) and were eliminated in the quarterfinals from the RoW Cup.




Group stage of the RoW League

In the last round of the group stage of the RoW league, 広末涼子 (53346) defeated the Indonesian champion Medan United (40316) with a score of 4-1, they managed to hold the third place.


International Cup - 3 - Trophy Manager


As a result, 広末涼子 proceeded to the RoW Cup, and they became the only one Japanese club playing in the finals of the RoW competitions.




Round of 32

In the round of 32, they faced with Taiwanese TWer-Peadon (1236257)。


The Japan club beat them with 0-2 at away, 4-3 at home and total 6-3.


Match - TWer-Peadon vs. 広末涼子 - TrophyManager.com


Match - 広末涼子 vs. TWer-Peadon - TrophyManager.com




Round of 16

R.H.F who advanced to the round of 16 met Chinese  F.C Internazionale™ (69902407).


Against the last champion of this competition, they did perfectly, the score were 0-3 at away, 3-0 at home and 6-0 in total.


Match - F.C Internazionale- vs. 広末涼子 - TrophyManager.com


Match - 広末涼子 vs. F.C Internazionale- - TrophyManager.com





Their opponent of the quarterfinals was Shika United (277335) of Egypt.


Though the club has long history, they have been getting stronger relatively recently.


When they promoted to the top division was season 31 and they experienced the Egyptian Premier League championship for the first time in the last season.



広末涼子 (53346) were defeated by this club with a total score 4-5 and made their exit from the competition.


Maybe the cause was the home game which they lost three goals.


It was a bit unlucky for R.H.F.


On 1 minute, their goalkeeper Kazuo Maki who is a Japan International got injury and he was replaced by Shinpei Tamada.


Since Tamada has joined as a backup in Season 30, this was the first time to play.


In addition, Kanzaburo Okada was sent off due to two yellow cards, then the home defense collapsed.


He was sent off in the last match of national team as well.


Match - 広末涼子 vs. Shika United - TrophyManager.com


Match - Shika United vs. 広末涼子 - TrophyManager.com

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