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After the last defeat, FC Sagami change their focus in a positive way


FC Sagami

FC Sagami move up to 2nd again

In the previous round, FC Sagami (2260539) lost the match with RedSun (418839) and their unbeaten running came to an end at eight matches.

But, in this round, the defeat did not have effect on them and they triumphed over KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252).

FC Sagami 3-4 RedSun

This season, FC Sagami are organizing their defense well.

However, in the round 9, the second placed FC Sagami who had conceded only two goals so far despite Eishi ‘駒野 Komano’ Yasuda, a Japan international side-back, who had broken away because of injury for a long term allowed an opening goal at their home Kanagawa Stadium in the 1 minute against RedSun (418839).

They equalised by Kunimatsu ‘松井 Matsui’ Sano‘s goal, but conceded three successive goals then the score became 1-4.

FC Sagami played hard without giving up and came back with two goals to 3-4 but couldn’t catch up, then they suffered their first defeat in this season.

As the result, Sagami tied Namba Osaka (489911) with 20 points and slipped to the third on goal difference.

Match   FC Sagami vs. RedSun   TrophyManager.com

N-Kobayashi, the manager of FC Sagami

“It’s impossible to win every game.
We are not 広末涼子 (53346).

Should not hung up on the defeat.
We have to move on.”


Like the comment, in this round, FC Sagami gained a brilliant away win against KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252).

FC Sagami played more offensively than usual, they used two central midfielders instead of two defensive midfielders.

Sagami who focus on efficiency had superior possession with 54% despite an away game unusually.

There was no significant difference on shots and shots on target, but their keeper and defenders played well and achieved a clean sheet, and in the offense they scored three goals.
The one goal from corner kick, the another one goal was an open play goal, the last one was from free kick.

The home team won the match with a score 0-3 and earned three points.

Match   KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS vs. FC Sagami   TrophyManager.com

The victory put FC Sagami into second spot on the table again.

On the other hand, Namba Osaka (489911) suffered a staggering defeat by 広末涼子 (53346) with a score 7-1, and dropped to the forth place.

Japan   J. League Division 1   Trophy Manager

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