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A hard contest is fought between VF Tomato and ECA United for the next Japan National Coach again


Season 43-44 National Coach Elections start

Elections that select National Coach for the Season 43-44 have begun

Election Schedule

The schedule is as follow, already users can vote.

  • Nomination phase: it will end on 12 September 13:59 (Saturday) (TM time)
  • Voting phase: from 12 September 14:00 (Saturday) to 15 September 18:00 (Tuesday) (TM time)

National Coaches who are elected in this elections, lead each national team to the continental competition.

Qualifiers are played in the Season 43, then finals are in the Season 44.

Candidates in Japan are VF Tomato and ECA United

Japan that aim to the Asian Cup has two candidates;
VF Tomato (2925434) and a French user, ECA United (98330), who has a sub club ECA United Tsubasa Feeling (2032382) in Japan like the last election.

It is the election that choose to support VF Tomato who served for 2 seasons or to change something.

National Teams   Election   Trophy Manager

VF Tomato

Nominated By FC Sagami (2260539)


“Thank you for the nomination.

I have the motivation to continue to current work as NT coach, so I’m running for this election.

I’ll keep the policy so far.

The NT is opened and I hear many opinions.

You can comment in English as well.

(though my English skill isn’t good)

I aim to qualify for Asian Cup.

We couldn’t advance to the last World Cup, but we could use many young players.

They are growing and we have higher possibility to qualify.

I’ll also work to find young talents.

I image future NT specifically, so we can give routine effectively.

I’ll introduce players as future NT players, it might be able to support transfers to better training clubs.

I will do my best as ever. Please vote me.”

Translation by FC Sagami (2260539)

ECA United

Nominated By CHU-CHI (3415957)


“As every 2 seasons, I am candidate for Japanese NT Coach.

I’m on Trophy Manager since season 3 and I evolve in French 1.1 for 17 seasons now.
In my career TM, I gained 2 times the French Ligue 1, once the French Cup and once the UETA Cup!

I am passionate in Trophy, and I spend at least ten hours a week.

I have always appreciated especially Japan, and that’s why my first secondary team is Japanese. I actually for 2 years at the faculty learned Nihongo.

The language barrier that I could not be omnipresent on the Japanese forum, but if I were to be elected, I would be more diligent, and I would apply myself to explain my choice to live NT countryside …

Good vote at all!”

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