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89th minute goal give New Team a 4-3 win


New Team

New Team stops ( ・∀・)大阪ライトウルフルズ’s rush!


My first post here, an amazing match!

Match Preview

In a season where we have nothing to ask but concentrate in the growth of some young players, occupying the 11th position on the table with 18 points, we New Team (3050736) beat the best and most talented team of the league!

The one against ( ・∀・)大阪ライトウルフルズ (2471985) (1st position, 42 points, 14W – 1L) was the main event of the round.
We already know it would be a very difficult match, even with all my best players available, but the fate wanted to deprive me of my best player (DC 4*), so I had to substitute him with an old guard, 143 matches with us, but now 33 years old, and 2.5*!
Mentality was set at very defending, and with crossed finger we were ready to sign for a 0-0.

Match Report: New Team 4-3 ( ・∀・)大阪ライトウルフルズ

The match starts and at the 6th minutes, the first shot on target, my new wing scores! Nice start.

The guests took control of the match, but my gk save the result in many occasions, and then comes my second score, from my young F!
Well, couldn’t get better!
Some shots, occasions for both, but nothing.
The first half was going to end but, at the 45th minutes it was 2-1.
Anyway, it was going very good.

Same people on the field for the second half, and after 10 minutes it was 2-2.
Well it was still ok, but now there were 35 minutes of ache… ended again after 10 minutes, with the score of his second F, it was 2-3.
The strongest was winning, but something could change.
In fact, at the 80th minutes, he changed the GK, DC, and DL, for some younger, and hunger for routine, players.
This could be the turning point of the match.
My opposite also changed his mentality from normal to very defensive, he wanted to keep the score.
However the match was going to end, when at the 89th minutes a direct pass for my best F, make him alone with the new GK, but before the shoot a tackle, and the penalty, which himself scores!
It was 3-3.
Still exulting, when (89th minute) a short pass of my wing for once again Bando, gave him the biggest opportunity possible, and the scores!
It was 4-3 and an amazing match!

Match   New Team vs. ( ・∀・)大阪ライトウルフルズ   TrophyManager.com

Important statistic

The DC I used as replacement of my best one, took 1.7!

DC and GK, entered at the 80′, took 3.7 and 4.2!

Hope you’ll like it! 🙂


この記事は New Team (3050736) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。
This article was written by the manager of New Team (3050736), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

This is the article about online football manager game “Trophy Manager”.

About “TM” which is the best online football manager game

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