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6 clubs and RedSun reserves promote to J League 1


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Promotion clubs challenging J League 1 in Season 36


Season 35, 王子 FC (551852) became inactive in the J. League Division 1, and Imbaba Club (1258527), fcizu (1959827) and Tóquio A.C (1489048) were auto-relegated to J2.


Also Furansu jin U.D (2074948), Okayama (1776673) and Shakhtar Ichikikushikino (2063803) were demoted after play off.



Instead of them, these six clubs, Unya Reds (2502811), Shinjuku Akiras (2032381), Tekkaman FC (2103693), FC Shippuden (2103699), FC Sagami (2260539) and FC Barcol (2323444), and RedSun (418839) reserves Little Devils (1987251) have been promoted.


There was big change in this season.



Shinjuku Akiras had once experienced J1 in the Season 29.


Although they had dropped to JFL in the Season 33, but they came back after six seasons’ absence.



On the other hand Tekkaman FC re-challenge only one season after the relegation.


In the last season, they were heatedly competing for the league title with FC Sagami in the J. League Division 2 Group 2.


Their performance took a downturn in the last few games and they missed the trophy but they were promoted via play off.



This is the first season in J1 for these four clubs; FC Shippuden, FC Sagami, FC Barcol and Unya Reds.



Also now Little Devils are the third B team which plays in J1 in the history.

The first B team is 涼子の院 (764222) of 広末涼子 (53346), then the second is B.Reds (1000288) of urawa reds (184788).




Unya Reds (2502811)

Unya Reds   Trophy Manager


Shinjuku Akiras (2032381)

Shinjuku Akiras   Trophy Manager


Tekkaman FC (2103693)

Tekkaman FC   Trophy Manager


FC Shippuden (2103699)

FC Shippuden   Trophy Manager


FC Sagami (2260539)

FC Sagami   Trophy Manager


FC Barcol (2323444)

FC Barcol   Trophy Manager


Little Devils (1987251)

Little Devils   Trophy Manager




Little Devils 2-1 FC Sagami


In the opening round of the Season 36, the match which promoted clubs against each other is only one game between Little Devils and FC Sagami.


Though FC Sagami got the opening goal, Little Devils came from behind for victory after Kengo Nagai‘s sending off.


Sagami have listed Nagai on the transfer market.



Match   Little Devils vs. FC Sagami   TrophyManager.com

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