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5 clubs promote to J1, new faces are 2 teams


Trophy Manager

Season 34 Promotion and Relegation

The relegation clubs are five, they are four auto relegation clubs, ReD FaLcOnS FC (1670654), Tekkaman FC (2103693), CasaleNinetySix (2550653) and F.C Sylphides (2429931), and KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252) who were defeated in the play off.



On the other hand, the promotion clubs are champion of each group of J. League Division 2,  Tóquio A.C (1489048) from Group 1, Shakhtar Ichikikushikino (2063803) from Group 2, Furansu jin U.D (2074948) from Group 3 and The Gunners (2032396) from Group 4, and fcizu (1959827) who won the play off though they finished at fourth place in the Group 2.


First season for two clubs of them.



Tóquio A.C (1489048)

Toquio A.C - Trophy Manager


Though playing in J1 for a long time, they relegated by the aging of the squad.

But they achieved a comeback to the division 1 after only one season by big-spending efforts.



Shakhtar Ichikikushikino (2063803)

Shakhtar Ichikikushikino - Trophy Manager


The main club is DaLuun’s T-Hunters (24276) of Denmark, the responsible person of  Trophy Manager.

The owner already doesn’t have much interest in Shakhtar which is the sub club in Japan, but the club won the J. League Division 2 Group 2 without log in due to a strong forward and goalkeeper.

They experienced J1 in the Season 32 and 33 and returned after one season.



Furansu jin U.D (2074948)

Furansu jin U.D - Trophy Manager


First time to play in J1.

The main club is SAR UFRAPS (781813) in France, but the French club has never played in the top division.

They played many low-scoring games in the division 2, and they acquired Sorai Taku and further strengthened the defense in this season.



The Gunners (2032396)

The Gunners - Trophy Manager


First challenge to J1 as well.

They achieved promotion due to solid defense which was organized by Carlos Valdéz who is a former Chile international goalkeeper.

The main club is  Tequila Suicide (67564) who are playing in the top division of Norway and the manager is Norway national Coach.



fcizu (1959827)

fcizu - Trophy Manager


This club played in J1 in the Season 32, but they were able to score only 18 goals in the whole season and ended at fifteenth place.

This will be the second challenge.

Though they don’t have outstanding players, their squad is well balanced from young players to veterans.

They showed their ability in the play off.

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