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逗子Blues went on to win a rough game by an added time goal


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A game of the round 30 in J. League Division 1, 逗子Blues (296683) between Namba Osaka (489911) was a rough game.

There were 5 yellows, and 2 players got injured.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Namba Osaka - TrophyManager.com



Remaining games are few.

Both teams seeking international competition in the next season do not yield an inch to each other and played a good game.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Namba Osaka - TrophyManager.com



Home team 逗子Blues (296683) lack of a Hong Kong player Gok Tsuwee who is a regular for the right side because of  an injury, they compelled to decide to play a young winger Kimura.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Namba Osaka - TrophyManager.com



Moreover, Kimura couldn’t show his play. On 30 minutes, he got hurt and replaced by Daisuke Bandai. His favorite position is Central half, but in this match he played in the right side.


But, surprisingly, this was successful. Bandai sometimes made chances by providing good square passes to Takao Aoki like Beckham.

The left half Aoki does not have good Head, but his speed confused the defence of the opponent.


On 62 minuets, as Hachemon Suzuki‘s injury, 17 years old Shingo Tanaka went onto the pitch. This is the second game for him.



On the other hand, Namba Osaka (489911)’s many player played near to the home team’s goal.

Though their possession was low, Seigo Takasaki  frighted alone in the midfield and created opportunities..

However, the attacking players were out of form, they couldn’t find a goal.


Considering  The Blues are weak in the air, why was Hisahsi Nasu on the bench? He has Head 19 and Finish 19.

In this season Nasu has not been given chances, but he should be capable as a regular.



In the added time, the game was still scoreless and everyone thought it was a draw,but finally the Aoki scored after good work by Bandai, then the home team won dramatically.

Match - 逗子Blues vs. Namba Osaka - TrophyManager.com




Round 30

Press release from 逗子Blues (296683)

What a game nothing between the two sides.
With our regular MR Gok Tsuwee out injured we had to play with kimura Hedehira on the right out of position and them he picked up an injury and we had to bring in Bandie also out of position made it really tought for us and the whole team pulled together.
The injury to suzuki on 63 min meant a youngster coming on to play again out of position but he did great.


and then to nick the win in the 92nd min was just great,last week we were on the end of a very lat winner against us so it is nice to do that ourselves.


The win put a bit of space between us trophymanager.com/club/1489048 and trophymanager.com/club/551852/ which is good with 3 games to go.


We have a HUGE game on Wednesday trophymanager.com/club/418839/ are 7 points clear but with SunnyBoy maybe focused on the Cup we could nick in there and improve our position for the end of the season

We will see what happens now at least where we finish is now in our hands.



 - プレス Press, Season 31, J. League Division 1 ,