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広末涼子’s successive victories finally end.



At Round 20, 広末涼子 (53346) were finally stopped by RedSun (418839).


広末涼子 0-0 RedSun

Match - 広末涼子 vs. RedSun - TrophyManager.com


広末涼子 (53346)

4-5-1 (DL-DC-DC-DR, DMC – MC-MC-MR – OML, F)


RedSun (418839)

3-5-2 (DL-DC-DR, DMC-DMC – MC – OML-OMR, F-F)




The point of this match was that R.H.F couldn’t cover against absence of Morocco international Saaliti well.

Chinese midfielder Guan DeLun played as his substitute at central midfielder, but the visitors aren’t a team to focus on possession

If Kiyoshi Igarashi or Ryoichi Uekusa had played as attacking midfielder or forward, maybe they would have gotten a better result.


It should be also mentioned that changing players was late.

Their substitutions were on 80 minutes, just to give routine.

They can win against any teams in domestic competitions due to players’ formidable quality, but this might be a reason for being out of form in international competitions.


On the other hand, THE SUN’s tactics for this game is arguable.

They were a underdog and it was an away game for them, so they didn’t need to play such offensively.

The draw was in part due to goalkeeper Cui ZhiHui‘s super play and luck.




Comment of 広末涼子 (53346)’s manager Ryoko Hirosue

“What a disappointing day, another failed attempt to get max point in league game.

Have to wait for the new season, to try again.

Such a great performance by arch rival RedSun (418839)’s GK, Cui ZhiHui.

And relatively poor performance by attacking force of 広末涼子 (53346).

Seem that last NT buy, Charifi Saaliti been injured seem to be 1 of the factor of the poor performance”



 - プレス Press, Season 34, J. League Division 1 ,