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広末涼子’s manager believes the current squad



While 広末涼子 are certain of titles of the Season 37, they are worry about future.




~ Season 37 ~

After two league games into the Season 37, 広末涼子 (53346) had finally made a speech.


The Season 36 is a good one, with 広末涼子 clinching and retaining the national league and cup.


Fans are all very delighted that 広末涼子 had won the double again.


広末涼子 promised and assure the fans, that 広末涼子 will deliver the goods again this season, and try for the prestige perfect score again, and with better results in ROW.



広末涼子   Squad   Trophy Manager



Fans are also delighted that the player and top scorer of the year goes to a player from 広末涼子.


 Charifi Saaliti.


Charifi Saaliti whom was once been rumored to be sold off starting of the Season 36, had made a remarkable effort to clinch and take home the Golden Boot and Player of the year double to silence off those wicked rumors.


Saaliti was an EX NT player of Morocco, and was one of the five foreigners players currently playing for 広末涼子.


The rest of the top foreign players playing for 広末涼子 are:


 Brecht De Brul


 Riad Zelenika


 Dekel Cohen


 Ilirian Libohova


All four of them are currently their country no. 1 choice for their respective position.


Dekel Cohen reached the remarkable 99.9 routine last season, had decided to hang up his boot this season.


He was a legendary DC bought from a legendary team twelve seasons ago for a astounding 862 million.



Next is Brecht De Brul, Belgium No.1 GK was bought at a price of 500 million, which was determined quite expensive for his age.


And a lot was expecting from him, it’s been a great relief to see that he did not decide to retire this season.


Hope he will perform well for the team this season.



Both Libohova and Zelenika had also performing very well for 広末涼子, and expecting more great performances from them.


With a total of 44 goals & 51 assists from two of them.



As for the local boys, its a great relief that all the old boys decide not to retire also, and can provide the team with great support on or off the fields.


And can cover well, before the youth players are matured enough to come into the main team.


Currently this season, there isn’t any news of any local youth pushing up the ranks entering the main team as either a 1st team player, or a regular sub.



~ reinforcement? ~

No news or rumors have been going around this season for any new players coming on board regardless foreign/local talents.


Whole management of 広末涼子 is very cautious about this thing.


They only mentioned that currently the team is capable of retaining the double with the current squad, without adding any players.


Although 広末涼子 was seriously worried about having enough domestic players for the future, as most of the domestic 1st team players are really quite old, anytime next season, they will decide to hang up their boots.





この記事は 広末涼子 (53346) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。

This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

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