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広末涼子 retained the both national titles, but rivals are stronger than before



Season 42 for 広末涼子


広末涼子 retained both the J league and Cup of Japan

After a season absent from the conference and public.
広末涼子 (53346) had finally spoken again.

広末涼子 were glad that we are able to retain both the league and national cup title, but they also realized that last season rivals are getting more stronger than before.
And was quite anxious about it, especially facing another problem of shortage of quality domestic players.

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Success in the international competitions

広末涼子 were quite pleased with the international result last season, as it was the best results for the past five disappointing seasons:


Facing stronger rivals in this season

Target for this year, will to continue to dominant the whole Japan, by maintaining the number one position, and winning all league and cup available in J. League.

As for ROW, 広末涼子 will put more effort in getting better result so that we can attract more fans globally, to push 広末涼子 popularity higher.

All these target will be against several headache problem/issues rising up recently, where 広末涼子 will addressing it on an separate occasion.

Highlights on the next conference will be about players, squad, and upgrading.


この記事は 広末涼子 (53346) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。
This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

This is the article about online football manager game “Trophy Manager”.

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