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広末涼子 look toward retirement of key players



Season 35, 広末涼子 are trying to acquire a next star

6 leagues so far.

広末涼子 (53346) finally made a speech about this season campaign.



Starting of the season, is the discouraging news of 2 important players mention they are going to retired after this season.


And 1 of them is the 3 time golden boot & Player-of-the-Year in consecutive years from Season 32 – Season 34.

Even thought he is retiring next season, he still performing extremely well at his age, as only 6 games, he had already scored 14 Goals & 3 Assists.


While the other one is ex NT ML which been serving 広末涼子 & Japan NT for his whole soccer career.



 Gulzar Mannaa


Gulzar Mannaa - Trophy Manager



 Yuya Yoshimoto


Yuya Yoshimoto - Trophy Manager



As Gulzar Mannaa is going to retire soon, 広末涼子 had actually bid on some best FC to replace him, but all attempts failed to bring back a superstar like Gulzar Mannaa.

A glance at the NT stars that 広末涼子 had tried to bring to grace & shine in J League.



 Ilirian Libohova


 Benjamín Chovanec


 Ofer Nahmias


 Humberto Henriques


 Telis Karanasios


 Gavino Serravalle


 Lu Youde



広末涼子 still trying her best to bring in a superstar FC.


If fail to do so, 広末涼子 might push Morocco NT Charifi Saaliti into the FC role, instead of OMC, when Mannaa retired next season.



 Charifi Saaliti





この記事は 広末涼子 (53346) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。

This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

 - プレス Press, Season 35, J. League Division 1