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広末涼子 enter a new era



R.H.F are looking forward to the Season 36



広末涼子 (53346)  fans were very happy, that we R.H.F had retain the J League title, and regain the National cup trophy.


This Season 広末涼子 will like to retain both J League & National Cup trophy & achieve highest point with the international cup, and also try to achieve a Perfect Score even thought this season, the team seem to be weaken a lot with the retirement of both 4 times consecutive player & top scorer of the year + an ex Japan NT ML.


Plus the 1st choice NT & Club GK had weaken a lot into 4.5 REC due to aging.


Rumors had mention 広末涼子 intend to get a new GK to replace the legendary GK Kazuo Maki.



Gulzar Mannaa

Yuya Yoshimoto



 Kazuo Maki



And for the 2nd consecutive season, 広末涼子 did not buy any new blood or talent during the NT Sales, which made the fans bizarre about the decision.


広末涼子 promised to the club fans to bring in 1 Top NT player for Season 36.



1st Training session of S.36:


To the much joy of 広末涼子 & Japan NT, both exciting domestic talents had finally reached 5 REC today.


And both are very young FC whom can play for at least 7 seasons more.


And Kazuki Omori was rewarded for training so hard, by promoted to the Main squad, but most likely benched as a sub for the whole season to gain international experience, whereby Tokunaga will gain a starting line for this season, if nothing goes wrong.


広末涼子 actually wanted to start pair 2 young FC together as they paired before in B team, 涼子の院 (764222) well.


But 広末涼子 was afraid of their low routine, hence made the decision to benched Omori in sub him in for experience.



 Masayuki Tokunaga


 Kazuki Omori



But there seem to be some jealously among the players, especially Charifi Saaliti, whom thought he can gain the 1st choice sole FC role since Mannaa retired this season, but was throw to the OMC role, due to the upcoming Tokunaga.
 Charifi Saaliti



広末涼子 was very lucky that this season, no players announcing retirement plan.


Defense & Midfield sections are doing quite well, if possible getting a backup player with dual FP DC/MC will be very good to the team.



As for B team, 涼子の院, they were lucky to survive n stay in J league, by winning both playoff. But they might be not so lucky this season, due to the fact, that 1-3 top players from B team will be promoted to Main team this season.





この記事は 広末涼子 (53346) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。

This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

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