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広末涼子 are threatened their leading position in J1



広末涼子 Fans Frustration & Worries


Fans are starting to getting a bit restless and sort of disappointed with 広末涼子 (53346) manager.
As this is the second consecutive season, 広末涼子 did not bring in any superstar players from the NT Sale.
They believe that this does not fulfill the style of the leading giant of J league, and as the current reigning champion.

Some more potential contenders for the title like FC Sagami (2260539) and ashina (1489015) are all getting fresh and experienced players from overseas to contest for the title.
This make the fans more worried, as they really see both contenders as a serious threat, especially current NT coach FC Sagami, whom bought in five Rec 5* players scatter in all areas.
All five players look tough and experienced, think they are going to be a serious threat this season, and a top three is surely within reach.

As for ashina, last season runner up, is really giving 広末涼子 a hard time, especially breaking 広末涼子 dream so fast in just second match of the season.

Match   ashina vs. 広末涼子   TrophyManager.com

Not only this, fans are also upset that 広末涼子 did not manage to coax Israel Super NT star, Dekel Cohen to come out of retirement, his retirement really leave a big hole in 広末涼子 defense, especially missing the great 99.9 routine.

The only happy thing for the fans are the introduction of Japan latest youth sensational that cost a whopping 600 million, with the age of 19 years old, currently still in late bloom, are been called up to the NT squad and already have 1 NT cap too.
He is also been liked by the current NT coach too.

Yosai Ichikawa

Yosai Ichikawa   Trophy Manager


この記事は 広末涼子 (53346) の監督によって書かれ、N-Kobayashi が編集しました。
This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

This is the article about online football manager game “Trophy Manager”.

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