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広末涼子 acquire two big names and train local talents for the future



Players movement and progress in 広末涼子


Kazutoshi Saito

Saito reached the milestone of 99.9 routine after the last RoW league match.
It was such a remarkable achievement for any of the TM player.

Kazutoshi Saito   Trophy Manager

Saito was once a 5 REC and Ex NT player.
As most known, he was also once bought and rejected by 広末涼子 (53346), whom bought him back again after 5 seasons later.

After the second time, Saito has been staying with 広末涼子 until now.
Giving his best and all for the club.
During his stay, he had created and scored in several important matches, which helped the club to progress further.

With age of 35 years old, he will most likely retire next season, and the likely replacement for his role, will most likely be given to Fujimoto, a true blood R.H.F Youth Academy.

Namboku Fujimoto

Namboku Fujimoto   Trophy Manager


After few seasons of no superstar coming in, finally came two big names, international stars.
These two players was recruited actually for the purpose of achieving more in RoW… but

Anyway, here are the two stars:

Tzafrir Dagan

Sigurd Kirkeby

Dagan, an Israel international, based on the currently situation, he most like going to play for Israel for very very long time, and 広末涼子 (53346) had good impression with the Israel player that one of the reason buy him, next is the dual Favorite Position, MC and FC, with this dual Favorite Position, it helps to easily fit different formation.
広末涼子 believe he can do his best in helping the team progress in next season RoW.
広末涼子 are currently still thinking whether he should be playing at MC or FC role.

Tzafrir Dagan   Trophy Manager

Kirkeby, a Norway international, is a veteran NT player with Norway, but without any international cup matches experience at all.
Which also is why Kirkeby decided to join 広末涼子.
His dual Favorite Position of MC and MR makes it perfectly for 広末涼子, as 広末涼子 have been looking for a versatile player of MC/MR for quite sometime.

Sigurd Kirkeby   Trophy Manager

Fans are very delighted to see these two superstar signing.
Especially since 広末涼子 have not sign any special player yet.
But still got some fans were scolding 広末涼子 for bring players almost at their peak, and retiring in 2-3 seasons time, but 広末涼子 believe these players is worth it.
And true good players do really worth 200 million per season.

Next come the great replacement for 広末涼子 in future

Some say he is too expensive, or what as a youth.
But he does have the potential to be one of the best for Japan.

Ichikawa is currently already 4.9 REC, with a few more training, he will surely be a 5 REC player, and with his low Injury Proneness and Aggression, both 1/20, he will surely perform well and consistently for both club and Japan NT.
Because currently and previously both club and Japan NT center defense is make up of aggressive players, which caused some bad result in the past.
But now with Ichikawa san, he will be surely a core stone of Japan NT and club defense heart.

Yosai Ichikawa

Yosai Ichikawa   Trophy Manager


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This article was written by the manager of 広末涼子 (53346), and edited by N-Kobayashi.

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